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SAP S/4HANA Implementation

SAPHANAS/4 HANA is the successor of SAP ERP, respectively the SAP Business Suite and is based on the In-Memory technology. It delivers the tools for enterprises to digitalise their business processes and create new business models. With S/4 HANA huge amounts of data can be processed in realtime. This will dramatically and sustainably change the way of working as well as the way how decisions are made in the enterprises.




Enterprises which are using SAP for many years are facing the question when and how to migrate to S/4HANA. SAP offers many scenarios, reaching from technically-focussed migrations of the existing landscape to completely new installations. Each approach has Pro's and Con's. As SAP has based S/4HANA on principles like „Simplification“ and „Principle of One“, even in technical migration approaches changes of implemented processes are inevitable. A Greenfield approach has the advantage that it is better suited for dropping old patterns of thinking that grew over the years. This is key for facing the challenges of disruptive trends like the digital transformation. Only a goal-oriented examination of the possibilities the new technology offers will enable enterprises to reap the benefits of their investments into S/4 HANA.



TransformationManagerTherefore it is very important that in S/4HANA projects a transformation management is established, which examines the possibilities the new technology offers and actively drives their implementation. Its responsibilities are transcending the tasks of the classical Change Management. It is much more more focussed on future processes and must prepare the foundations for their implementation in time. Here consulting4bit can support your plannings. Subsequently you'll find the service description „Transition to S/4HANA“ which includes further details.  


Service Description "Transition to SAP S/4HANA"